BP Accuses Deepwater Horizon Settlement Victims Of Taking ‘Money They Don’t Deserve’


Deepwater_horizon_platform_sinkingThree years after the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S. history, BP is adopting a new narrative that demonizes coastal businesses for taking advantage of the oil giant’s generosity. In an attempt to reduce the amount BP owes in a settlement for damages suffered, BP has gone with a full offense PR campaign that alleges widespread fraud.

Here is an excerpt of the full-page ads BP has taken out in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, with the intent of reaching policymakers:

bp newspaper ad

Its other newspaper ads make a similar case, but cite Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue to claim there is rampant fraud. Those ads neglect to mention that BP is a member of the Chamber.

BP launched its increasingly aggressive battle against legal claims after disappointing quarterly profits of $2.7 billion. Ironically, BP is accruing a hefty legal fee for its efforts to draw out litigation. And the conflicting signals reach the very top of the corporation’s ladder: While BP’s Chief Financial Officer said the company wants to reach “closure,” the CEO Robert Dudley warned shareholders the company will be digging in for the “long haul.” Likewise, BP has run apology ads for the spill, as well as ads describing pristine beaches on the Gulf. But it’s 2013, and reports continue to come in of the oil rig explosion’s long-term damage.