Congressman Says It’s ‘Arrogant’ To Believe In Man-Made Climate Change


Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita (R)

Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita (R)

At a town hall event in Indiana on Monday, Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) said that humans are not responsible for climate change, and that it is “arrogant” to think they could be.

Rokita, who has previously questioned man-made climate change, saying that it is “under debate,” took a more definitive stand against it during his Monday town hall:

I think it’s arrogant that we think as people that we can somehow change the climate of the whole earth when science is telling us that there’s a cycle to all this,” he said. “And that cycle was occurring before the industrial revolution and I suspect will occur way into the future.”

Rokita is part of a vocal caucus of climate deniers in Congress, many of whom are funded by oil and coal money. Rokita himself has recieved a total $52,200 — $30,100 from oil and gas, and $22,100 from coal, according to Open Secrets.

By training, Rokita is a lawyer, so he is not actually qualified to scientifically assess the earth’s warming and cooling patterns. Of the climate scientists who have made a career of doing just that, 97 percent agree that climate change is real, and that humans are contributing to it.

(HT: Huffington Post)