Tesla Is Planning To Make An Electric Pickup Truck

CREDIT: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In late May, the CEO of electric car company Tesla had a minor operation to fix what he said was a “jagged septum” from getting beat up as a kid. After the operation, Elon Musk laid “in bed on meds” and took to Twitter.

“Would love to do a pickup truck,” Musk said. “Something w ultra low cg for sports car handling, dynamic air suspension & mega torque.”

That idea just got a little closer to reality, as the billionaire entrepreneur told Business Insider on Tuesday that Tesla is in fact planning to produce an electric pickup truck in five years. The car will reportedly be modeled after the Ford F-Series, which had a 17-year run as America’s best-selling car.

“If you’re trying to replace the most gasoline miles driven, you have to look at what people are buying,” Musk told CNN Money on Tuesday. “That’s the best selling car in America. If people are voting that’s their car, then that’s the car we have to deliver.”

The announcement is good news for combating climate change, as the International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated that to keep global warming under two degrees Celsius, the worldwide transportation sector needs to provide 21 percent of the greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2050.

If recent reports on electric car sales are any indication, Tesla’s pickup stands to do extremely well if it does wind up being produced. In October, EVObsession reported that the amount of electric cars sold in America is up over 447.95 percent over where it was in October 2012. That report also showed that combined sales of all-electric cars and hybrids was up 30.11 percent.

One of the big drivers of the high numbers was Tesla, whose sales reportedly rocketed up 8,056.25 percent in 2013 — from 160 to 13,050.