Here’s How To Show Gratitude To Climate Heroes Big And Small This Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving season, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication once again wants you to tweet out some gratitude via the hashtag #ClimateThanks.

In 2013, this effort to thank the many heroes — sung and unsung — who are fighting to preserve a livable climate for billions of people, was wildly successful:

Last Thanksgiving 2,500 people and organizations thanked each other through #ClimateThanks. When we originally put out the call last year we had no idea how people would respond, and were astounded by the wave of gratitude that swept through Twitter. In the end the climate community sent nearly 8,000 #ClimateThanks messages and reached 6.87 million people, becoming one of the largest Twitter storms on climate change ever.

I remain very thankful for climate scientists, who toil away for long hours away from their family, sometimes in the most inhospitable parts of the world, for not much money (sorry disinformers) — and do so thanklessly. Indeed they do so in the face of anti-science cyber-bullying and legal harassment and general hostility from climate disinformers — all because they have devoted their lives to averting the gravest of human tragedies. They are like the hero of Henrik Ibsen’s classic An Enemy of the People — which someone should modernize into a climate science parable.

And I’m very thankful for our readers and the 270,000 people (!) who now follow us on Twitter and Facebook — nearly triple last year’s number. They have made Climate Progress the most followed climate website in the world by far, with social media numbers generally seen only for sites like HuffingtonPost and the New York Times.

Here are some examples of what folks have already given #ClimateThanks for:

  • #ClimateThanks to the 400,000 people who packed the streets of New York at #PeoplesClimate March. It’s a big & beautiful #climatemovement
  • The world’s two largest economies – China & the US – now have targets for #CO2 emissions out to the year 2030. #ClimateThanks. @BarackObama

If you are going to thank someone or some organization with a social media presence, do include their twitter handle (e.g. @ipcc_ch). You can also highlight their great work with a shortened url to their website.

You can give #ClimateThanks by clicking here.