Disclosure Reveals Donald Trump Has Been Promoting Company He Has $250,000 Invested With

CREDIT: AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s mandatory personal financial disclosure statement was made public on Wednesday, revealing his massive financial holdings. Among his many investments: At least $250,000 worth of stock in TransCanada Pipelines Ltd., the Canadian company hoping to build the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.


CREDIT: Federal Election Commission filing

Trump has frequently criticized the Obama administration for not yet granting a permit for the project. In 2011, he told a Canadian paper, through a spokesman, that it is “an outrage our president isn’t approving the Keystone pipeline,” and “Canada is lucky to have superior leadership” to America’s. He tweeted:

On Fox News in 2012 Trump deemed the Obama administration’s delay in approving the pipeline “absolutely disgraceful.” Later that year he tweeted that thanks to the lack of a Keystone XL permit, “China has become Canada’s biggest oil consumer. China is laughing at us!” And in 2013, he continued to press the case, asking no one in particular on Twitter, “Will the Keystone XL pipeline finally be approved? Will create over 100,000 jobs and make us more energy independent.”

While estimates — including those by Trump — about the number of temporary jobs required for the project vary, the Department of State has determined the pipeline would create only about 35 permanent jobs.

Trump’s disclosure filing does not indicate when the purchase was made. His holdings also include stock in numerous other fossil fuel companies that could benefit from the pipeline’s construction.

Last month, the Huffington Post noted that Democrat Hillary Clinton gave paid speeches to two Canandian banks “tightly connected to promoting” the Keystone XL pipeline.