King James Fires Up the Waaambulance

The Cavaliers are one of the best teams in the NBA. The Wizards are one of the worst. But yesterday, the good guys won thanks in part to a late-game travel on LeBron James. What I hadn’t seen was his post-game whining:

“I took a ‘crab’ dribble, which is a hesitation dribble and then two steps,” James said. James believes he perfectly executed a jump stop on the play, but was still called for traveling. “It’s a play you don’t see much in the NBA,” he said. “You have your trademark plays, and that’s one of mine.”

It’s hard to see on the original, but the replay clearly shows that LeBron’s “crab” involves a traveling violation, whether or not that’s what he meant to do:

Kyle Gustafson notes “The Wizards are now 7-25 for the season, but 1-1 in 2009. We can build on this!” Yes we can.