Improving Celtics Backcourt


Last year, I could be found complaining that people were saying Rajon Rondo was getting better when really all he was doing was getting better teammates. Which wasn’t to say he was bad, only to say that he was a pretty good player before Kevin Garnett came to Boston. He was just stuck on a lousy team. This season, though, he really is a good deal better. He’s rebounding more, he’s shooting more efficiently, he’s getting more steals, and even though his turnover rate is up a bit his assist rate is up much more. But something else is happening in Boston, namely that Ray Allen has become a much more efficient shooter. His .644 True Shooting Percentage (basically an adjustment to field goal percentage to take into account free throws and the higher value of three pointers) is not only well above last year’s mark, it’s his best ever. And that’s coming from a guy whose age would have made me think he probably had nothing but further declines in his future.

No real point here. But with the Wizards sucking, I haven’t really had my head in the NBA so far this year. But football’s coming to an end so I’m trying to get up to speed with what’s going on league-wide this season.