Blazers Sign Camby to Extension

marcuscamby 1

Good news for Portland Trailblazers fans as the news came in yesterday that the team agreed to a two-year extension with Marcus Camby who’s managed to be an underrated player throughout a lengthy career. Interestingly, even though he’s really old at this point Camby actually posted his best-ever rebound rate this year, grabbing 22.2 percent of all missed shots while he was on the floor. And that was pretty consistent across his time with the Clippers (22.4 percent) and the Blazers (22.0 percent) so it’s not just a team effect.

Of course the real question for Portland fans is whether they’ll ever see all their team’s players take the floor simultaneously. In principle, Oden/Aldridge/Batum/Roy/Miller backed up by Camby, Martell Webster, and Rudy Fernandez should be a fearsome combination but an awful lot of those guys have had trouble staying healthy. Meanwhile, I think it’s clear Oklahoma City doomed a once-promising season by not pursuing Camby when the Clippers made it clear they were eager to cut costs.