Stoudemire and Lee


Don’t get me wrong, Amare Stoudemire is a very talented basketball player. But Knicks fans excited about signing him might want to consider that he’s about as good as David Lee, who’s now going to wind up leaving the team.

Lee takes 15.5 field goals per game and adds 4.1 free throw attempts, scoring a total of 20.2 points per game. Stoudemire takes 15.4 field goals and 7.7 free throws to add up to 23.1 points per game. In other words, STAT scores more points and does it because he’s a bit more efficient. On the other hand, Lee grabs 11.7 rebounds per game to Amare’s 8.9 boards. So if you switch Lee out for Stoudemire, you should expect the new team to score a few more ppg while grabbing a few more rebounds. You can make the case that this is an upgrade, but it’s a pretty small one and it’s possible that the team could have resigned Lee for less money.

Of course if signing Stoudemire persuades LeBron James to move to New York, then it’s a deal well worth making. But otherwise it seems like another case of an NBA team handing out a huge contract to a talented player who’s not talented enough to be worth the money.