Jeff Green’s Problem Is A Lack Of Basketball Skill, Not Adjusting To A Role

Many sound points in John Hollinger’s latest column but this makes me scratch my head:

The bench continues to struggle despite what appears to be solid individual talent; for some reason Jeff Green, Delonte West and Nenad Krstic haven’t clicked with their roles.

As previously reported on the Yglesias Blog, the glaring fall in Boston’s decision to acquire Jeff Green is that Jeff Green is a bad basketball player. Nenad Krstic is also a bad basketball player, though I had previously thought this was so widely known that it didn’t need to be emphasized. Green continues to click in the role of a poor rebounder who shoots with low efficiency and plays defense badly. I’m not sure why it required a move to Boston for people to see that he’s not good, but the low quality of his play is very consistent.