The Previews: Battlestar Galactica, Hip Hop Legends, And Oberyn Martell


Battlestar Galactica fans rejoice (with caution)! A movie adaptation will hit theaters in the near future, but the story will be re-imagined.

–Like many HBO shows, human sexuality in Game of Thrones is neither taboo nor concealed. In this interview, the newest cast member, Pedro Pascal, discusses the orgy that threw viewers off guard in the season opener and his bisexual character.

–Hip hop legends Qtip, Nas, and the Roots performed together last night.

–Even better news: The Roots released new music.

–If you’re still reeling from last week’s How I Met Your Mother finale, you’ll get an alternate ending on the season’s official dvd.

–Can you imagine what it looks like when over 810 million people take to the polls? That’s what happened in India on Monday, when some of those millions lined up to cast their vote. These photos captured moments from the first day of voting.