One Sentence Explains Why Alleged Sexual Harasser Dov Charney Is Back In At American Apparel

CREDIT: AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Dov Charney gets to go back to American Apparel like Terry Richardson gets to keep taking photographs and be the subject of an extremely generous New York Magazine cover story that fails to quote the models who have described their shoots with Richardson as “The experience was not consensual. It was revolting and humiliating.“; like three rapists from James Madison University who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a woman on Spring Break and distributed that footage to all their friends online get to stay in college until they graduate and only after commencement will they be expelled; like Daisy Coleman’s rapists, who assaulted her when she was 13 years old, could leave her on her front stoop in sub-freezing temperatures to rot; the community shunned Coleman, not her attackers, and Coleman’s house subsequently burned down “under mysterious circumstances”; like how R. Kelly can be an alleged serial rapist who preys on underage girls, dozens of whom have filed lawsuits against him, and get acquitted of child pornography charges but somehow never go on trial for rape; like the Tinder guys get to keep cashing in on their app after sexually harassing and unceremoniously firing their female co-founder; like a college student found guilty of “non-consensual sex” got to choose his own punishment; like Jameis Winston can be accused of raping Florida State University freshman and, three weeks later, after both the police and university completely botch the investigation and fail to collect easily attainable evidence, be charged with nothing and go on to win the Heisman Trophy and, with his Florida State team, the national championship; like 97 out of every 100 rapists receive no punishment.