Elaine Stritch, National Treasure, Is Dead At 89

CREDIT: Walter McBride/AP

Everybody rise.

Elaine Stritch died today. She was wonderful. She was a broad, a dame, a sometimes-drunk, a comedian, a star. Talented as all hell. I’m just going to let that talent speak for itself.

Here, some favorite performances and moments from Stritch’s 70-year career:

On Letterman, pretending to think he’s her poolboy, “Skippy”:

Performing her signature song, “The Ladies Who Lunch,” from Company:

In Elaine Stritch at the Liberty, on being seventeen and going on a date with Marlon Brando:

From 30 Rock: “My father did not kill dozens of Germans so his daughter could die in a van.”

Singing “Broadway Baby” at the White House in 2010:

Wearing this amazing getup of a fur hat and coat and huge glasses while dropping f-bombs on The Today Show:

Being hilarious and charming at the 92nd Street Y:

Her incredible 2004 Emmy Acceptance speech: