Fox News’ Stunningly Retrograde New Year’s Advice To Ladies

CREDIT: Screenshot

Is it 2015 or 1815?

Fox News started the new year off with a bang by providing the women of America with some startlingly retrograde advice. The hosts of “Fox And Friends” highlighted a new book, helpfully written by men, that provided “brutally honest” advice to women.

In published excerpts (the book is released in February) the authors provide perspective on relationships. For example, “[s]omeone has to wear the pants and someone has to wear the skirt.” Also, if a man cheats, it’s always his wife or girlfriend’s fault: “A man who cheats is looking for someone to fulfill a part of him that his lady is not, plain and simple.”

The Fox segment, first flagged by Raw Story, highlights that women should “always cater to her man’s needs” including providing foot massages and cooking meals.

Co-host Clayton Morris made a point to note that “my wife does cook, and she does give me foot massages.” The other male co-host, Peter Doocy, seemed more circumspect about the advice.