BREAKING: Adnan Syed, Subject Of Serial Podcast, Scores Major Victory In Maryland Appeals Court

CREDIT: Screenshot from NPR

A Maryland appeals court delivered a significant victory today to Adnan Syed, the man convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee in 1999 and the subject of the hit podcast Serial.

Syed is seeking a new trial based on a number of legal theories. One of them is that his lawyer failed to present the testimony of Asia McClain, a potential alibi witness who claims to have seen Syed at the time he allegedly committed the murder. On Monday, the Maryland Court Of Special Appeals ruled that the case would be “remanded” to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, which is a trial court, to consider a new affidavit by McClain.

The purpose of the remand is to give the Circuit Court the chance to “re-open the previously concluded post-conviction proceeding.” The remand could “afford the parties the opportunity to supplement the record with relevant documents and even testimony pertinent to the issues.”

So, there are no guarantees that the Circuit Court would grant Syed’s request to re-open the proceedings. But before today, Syed didn’t even have an opportunity to ask. If the Circuit Court does grant Syed’s request and begins hearing new evidence, it would be forwarded to the Court Of Special Appeals for their consideration.

The decision signals that the Court of Special Appeals believes there is enough merit to Syed’s argument to warrant the collection of more information. The proceedings could ultimately result in Syed being given a new trial.