Doan fights back.

The Office of Special Counsel has determined that GSA administrator Lurita Doan violated federal law by encouraging her employees to help Republican candidates. Now Doan wants the entire report thrown out because it was leaked to the press:

In a two-page letter sent late Thursday evening to Special Counsel Scott Bloch, Michael Nardotti Jr., counsel to Doan, said the Office of Special Counsel should “disapprove the current report and support any further consideration of this matter by an investigative body outside the Office of Special Counsel.” […]

“The fact that some version of the report is now in the hands of at least three major media outlets leads to the very reasonable conclusion that this is not simply a case of one person providing a copy of the report to a favored journalist,” Nardotti said in the letter. “It appears to be [a] carefully planned campaign to cause maximum damage to Ms. Doan.”

No word from Doan on whether the actual substance of the report is wrong or not.