Petraeus for the Nobel Prize?

The New York Sun editorializes that Gen. David Petraeus be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for his attempts to “save the nation of Iraq”:

petraeusmil23.JPGWe advance the name of General Petraeus this year because he has come to personify the GI Joes and GI Janes of whom he is in command. He has breasted an extraordinary amount of obloquy on behalf of their, and our country’s, cause and courage. This was put into sharp relief during his appearance last month before the Congress, where his honor and patriotism were questioned. […]

General Petraeus is just trying to save the nation of Iraq from the competing death cults of fanatical Shiism and fanatical Sunnism. He has already achieved something that had eluded his predecessors in command — he’s winning a war against Al Qaeda, working with local tribes toward preventing a confessional civil war from escalating and protecting whole neighborhoods in Baghdad from ethnic cleansers.

In September, the Sun wrote an editorial pushing Petraeus for President.