ThinksGiving: We Need Your Support

ThinkProgress wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our community of readers. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas have helped transform this site and have made it into one of the “most dangerous organizations in America.”

Over the past year, ThinkProgress has utilized your financial support to make key improvements:

— We’ve increased the number of postings to become a cutting-edge site that you turn to first for breaking information and fresh analysis.

— We recently introduced a new user-friendly comments registration system to restore decency in our comments threads.

— We launched a Blog Fellows Program, which offers paid opportunities for members of our community to directly contribute to the front-page of ThinkProgress.

But now, we need you more than ever to help maintain our continued success. Over the next two weeks, we will be posting “ThinksGiving” commentaries from a few of our valued readers who — like many of you — have come to depend on ThinkProgress for their daily dose of progressive news.

As you know, we rarely ask our readers for contributions. The reason we are doing so now is because we have some big plans for 2008, and we can only accomplish them with your assistance.

To contribute, simply click on this icon:

In just under three years of existence, you have made ThinkProgress an influential force in spreading the progressive message and pushing back on right-wing misinformation. Please help keep it that way. We’d appreciate any level of financial contribution you can afford. Thank you for reading ThinkProgress!

— Faiz, Amanda, Matt, Satyam, and Ali

P.S. If you have ideas for how to improve ThinkProgress, let us know in the comments thread.