O’Reilly distributes ‘No Spin’ gear to troops.

Right-wing outlet World Net Daily chronicled Bill O’Reilly’s recent visit to soldiers in Afghanistan, noting that the Fox News star ate all his meals with the troops, generously allowed soldiers to take his picture, and brought Fox News goodies that quickly became “prized items“:

Servicemen flooded the chow halls, and some ran back to their quarters to pick up a digital camera, hoping for a souvenir of the visit. But the O’Reilly staff had thought ahead.

Pens, towels, “No-Spin” mugs, Fox News T-shirts and free copies of “Culture Warrior” were quickly distributed and have since become prized items.

UPDATE: Hosting the O’Reilly Factor last night, Laura Ingraham announced that O’Reilly would air his report “on the situation on the ground in Afghanistan” next Monday night.