MSNBC: ‘Spike Lee got really uppity.’

Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, reporter Courtney Hazlett commented on the recent fight between Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee. Talking about Lee, Hazlett used the racially-loaded term “uppity” to describe the African-American film director. From this morning’s segment:

HOST: What’s going on here?

HAZLETT: What’s going on here is, during the Cannes Film Festival — I don’t know if you remember this — but Spike Lee got really uppity about Clint Eastwood and about how there were no African-Americans involved in the filming of “Flags of our Fathers” or “Letters from Iwo Jima.”

Watch it here. (via Atrios)


Hazlett has put out a statement apologizing for her comment: “Today on MSNBC TV’s ‘Morning Joe’ I chose my words poorly in describing the relationship between Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee. I take my responsibilities as a journalist seriously and know that words can have a strong impact. I sincerely apologize to Spike Lee and to the viewers for my comments.”

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