Cheney hints at disapproval with administration’s decision on North Korea.

During a recent off-the-record session with foreign policy experts, Dick Cheney was asked by Steve Clemons of The New America Foundation what he thought of the upcoming decision by the administration to “de-list North Korea from the terrorism blacklist.” The New York Times’ Helene Cooper reports:

cheney_snarl.gifMr. Cheney froze, according to four participants at the Old Executive Office Building meeting. … [H]e stared, unsmilingly, at his questioner. … Finally, he spoke:

“I’m not going to be the one to announce this decision,” the other participants recalled Mr. Cheney saying, pointing at himself. “You need to address your interest in this to the State Department.” He then declared that he was done taking questions, and left the room.

The Times characterizes the Bush administration’s North Korea decision as the State Department’s win in a “major battle against the Cheney camp.”