Transgender woman denied job at Library of Congress.

The Washington Post reports today that Diane Schroer, a 52-year-old former Army Special Forces commander, “testified yesterday in federal court that she was ‘disappointed and dismayed‘ when an official at the Library of Congress rescinded a job offer even though she was the star candidate”:

During lunch, Schroer told Preece [the interviewer] she was undergoing the medical transition to become a woman. She also showed Preece photographs of what she looked like dressed as a woman to allay concerns Preece might have had about her workplace attire. … Preece told Schroer that “you have given me a lot to think about.” […]

The next day, Preece called to tell Schroer that “after a long and sleepless night, I have determined you are not a good fit and not what we want,” Schroer testified.

After 9/11, “Schroer became director of a 120-member classified organization that tracked and targeted international terrorists. She routinely briefed the country’s top officials, including Vice President Cheney,” the Post notes.