Christine Todd Whitman: ‘Definite correlation’ between global warming and hurricanes.

Earlier this week, Hurricane Gustav slammed into the Gulf Coast, barely sparing the New Orleans area. As the Wonk Room has documented, the intensity and frequency of these storms is linked to the warming planet. In an interview with ThinkProgress in St. Paul, MN on Tuesday, former Bush EPA administrator and New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman said that global boiling is undeniable:

There’s no question that the climate is changing and scientists will tell you that one of the outcomes of that is more frequent and more severe storms, droughts, and floods. They just can’t tell you when or where these things will actually occur. … Scientists will tell you that there is a definite correlation between these temperature changes that we’re seeing and the frequency and intensity and severity of storms.

Watch it:

Whitman added that she is “not as comfortable as [she] would like to be” with some of the decisions made by EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson.