GOP operative: Rove has ‘consistent, medium-sized role with the McCain campaign.’

Though former Bush political guru Karl Rove insistently denies that he has a working relationship with Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign, the evidence that he is an informal adviser continues to mount. Last week, Time magazine described how “Rove speaks regularly with the McCain campaign.” Today, the Hill quotes a GOP operative who says “Rove has had a consistent, ‘medium’-sized role with the McCain campaign”:

A GOP operative said Rove has had a consistent, “medium”-sized role with the McCain campaign.

Another senior Republican official said Rove has good relationships with several of McCain’s senior advisers, and it’s not unusual for him to reach out to them.

As ThinkProgress has previously noted, one reason Rove may be reluctant to admit his ties to the McCain campaign is the fact that he is also reported to be “developing outside groups” to help Republicans and John McCain in November. It is illegal for outside groups to coordinate with campaigns.