‘Obama Waffles’ featuring racist, stereotyped images sold at Values Voter Summit.

waffles_phixr.jpgAt the Values Voter Summit this weekend, vendors sold an item called “Obama Waffles” featuring a racist cartoon of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) on the box front — with “popping eyes and big, thick lips” — and another image of him wearing an Arab-like headdress on its top flap. Its creators, Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, said it was meant as “political satire,” and sold the box for $10 from a booth at the Family Research Council event. CNN’s Lou Dobbs stopped by the booth and exclaimed, “My wife will love this!” A photo shows Dobbs with a box of the mix in his hand.

UPDATE: American News Project interviewed the creators, who said they were just “having a little fun during the election season,” and denied that the box was racist or offensive. Watch it: