New poll: Just 47 percent of Afghans express favorable view of U.S.

A new poll conducted by ABC News, BBC, and ARD German TV finds that Afghans’ support of U.S. efforts in that nation is tumbling. Many of them are pessimistic about their future; two in 10 think Obama will “make things better for their country, nearly as many think he’ll make things worse.” Just 37 percent of Afghans now say most people in their area support Western forces (down from 67 percent in 2006). The percentage of Afghans who express a favorable opinion of the United States has plummeted 36 points in the past 3 years:


Richard Holbrooke, the new U.S. envoy to Afghanistan, said the war in Afghanistan is “much tougher than Iraq,” adding, “It’s going to be a long, difficult struggle.”