Begala on CNBC’s Santelli: ‘Every circus has a clown.’

Yesterday, ThinkProgress asked progressive pundit Paul Begala for a response to CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s ridiculous — and inaccurate — rant about Obama’s mortgage plan. Begala called it “pathetic” and blasted Santelli, a former derivatives trader, for calling people who had lost their homes “losers.” “Every circus has a clown,” Begala said. Watch it:

The right wing is touting a Rasmussen poll purporting to show that, as Politico put it, America is a “nation of Santellis.” Unsurprisingly, by asking a loaded and misleading question, the poll found that respondents agreed with Santelli’s loaded and misleading indictment of the mortgage relief plan. (Other, fairer polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support the plan).