O’Reilly’s sexism: Women need male breadwinners, should stay home to watch the kids.

Last night — before engaging in a baseless, misleading attack against ThinkProgress’s Amanda Terkel — Bill O’Reilly launched his ire at single mothers who dare to have children without fathers. He said such decisions make women poorer because they need male breadwinners, and he insisted that mothers should be at home with the children anyway:

O’REILLY: Everybody, all the statistics and studies, show if you don’t have a father supporting the family, you’re probably poor.

HOOVER: That’s sexist. It’s not that you have to have a father supporting the family. But you do have to have parents and you have to have them be able to —

O’REILLY: I love this. I love this from you. It’s sexist, because I just told the truth. You don’t have the father providing some income when the mother is giving birth, OK? You see, when you give birth — you may some day know this — you can’t go out and work the next day, OK?! And you should be watching the kid anyway. So there’s got to be somebody else giving you money beside the government.

Watch it: