Fox host wonders if Obama administration will send ‘spies’ to tea parties.

Today, the Department of Homeland Security released a report on the growing influence of radical right-wing extremists. On Fox News this afternoon, guest host David Asman willingly tied the Fox-promoted, lobbyist-funded, “grassroots” tea party movement to such right-wing radicals, and suggested that the Obama administration might send “spies” to the tea parties to track extremists:

I’m looking at the report and it says, among other things, that the federal government is going to begin gathering information on right-wing extremist activity in the United States. Does that mean they’re going to be sending spies to these tea parties?

Asman continued to group conservatives with radical extremists later in the segment, asking whether the DHS report was just “an effort to shut up their critics.” Watch it:

Similarly, Michelle Malkin today referred to the report as the “Obama DHS hit job on conservatives.” TNR’s Jonathan Chait wondered why conservatives seem so happy to lump themselves with the “murderous lunatics” the report targets. “I kind of figured conservatives would try to define potential domestic terrorists as the fringe right,” Chait writes. “But there’s Michelle Malkin calling potential terrorists ‘conservatives.'”


Noting the constant use of the word “revolution” in the tea party promotions, the Washington Independent’s David Weigel writes that “if they want to use this rhetoric, they can’t really be too angry when the government frets about a rising tide of violent government overthrow rhetoric.”

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