Fox guest cites Bruno to argue against health care reform.

On Fox News this morning, host Megyn Kelly hosted Dr. Robert Goldberg of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest to help her scaremonger about Democratic plans to reform America’s health care system. In order to attack the plans, Goldberg cited a scene in the movie Bruno, in which Paula Abdul was tricked into sitting on Mexican workers made to act like furniture:

GOLDBERG: I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Bruno, but there’s a scene there where Sacha Baron Cohen invites Paula Abdul to be interviewed on chairs made out of Mexicans. And that’s exactly what the Obama or the congressional plan does. It balances, tries to balance the budget, the expansion of this new entitlement on the backs of people.

Watch it:

At the end of the segment, Kelly’s co-host, Rick Folbaum, remarked, “He worked Bruno into the health care debate, did you notice that?” “That was impressive,” replied Kelly.