Obama tells progressive bloggers that ‘a robust public option would be the best way to go.’

obamacallThis afternoon, President Obama held a 23-minute conference call with progressive bloggers to discuss the state of the health care debate. ThinkProgress participated in the call. Igor Volsky highlights Obama’s rhetoric in support of the public plan — and in opposition to a co-op — as the key takeaway:

OBAMA: I’m still working out the details of a co-op approach. I will tell you that there are some instances of co-ops being set up and just having a very difficult time getting off the ground because they don’t have the scale and the resources to be able to compete effectively. What I’ve asked my health care team to do is to look at what evidence we have that this could provide the kind of competition that drives or helps to promote insurance reform and helps to include quality and drive down cost. If I can see some some evidence that this could work, then I’d be happy to consider it. But I will tell you that, as I’ve been very clear about before, I continue to believe that a robust public option would be the best way to go.

Listen here:

John Amato, Sam Stein, mcjoan, and dday have their own analyses of the call.