Lieberman satisfied by prospect that Obama nominee could make Supreme Court ‘slightly less liberal.’

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The Washington Post writes that, because of “the current political climate,” Justice John Paul Stevens’ “decision to step down this summer will almost certainly mean a more conservative Supreme Court, even with Barack Obama in the White House and Democrats controlling Congress.” Liberal legal blogger Glenn Greenwald argued that one of the frontrunners who has been widely mentioned — Solicitor General Elena Kagan — “would shift the Court substantially to the Right on a litany of key issues.” Huffington Post notes “liberals worry that, by choosing her, the administration would miss the opportunity to elevate a genuine progressive.” But Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is fine with that prospect. On Fox News this morning, Lieberman sounded pleased with a potential right-ward turn for the Supreme Court:

This is a fascinating moment maybe for all these reasons, acknowledging that the fact that Justice Stevens became the leader of the liberal wing of the Supreme Court, that President Obama may nominate someone in fact who makes the Court slightly less liberal, at least for a while.

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Lieberman called Kagan a “bright and honorable person,” but said, “I don’t know her background in terms of the opinions she holds.” Later during the show, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said Kagan has “hard to challenge credentials.” He added that she would be a “very respectable choice,” but that Republicans “would oppose her and honestly should oppose her.” Noting that she was once a student of Kagan’s, Liz Cheney said she “has respect for her” and that Kagan “never let politics into the classroom.”


In a subsequent interview with NewsMax, Lieberman said “thank God” that “the momentum is with the Republicans.”

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,The original post said Lieberman was “thrilled” about the prospect of a right-ward turn of the Court. After a review of his comments, the word “thrilled” was replaced with “satisfied.”

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