After calling health care reform unconstitutional, Ailes declares: ‘I don’t do politics, I do the news.’

Yesterday, while speaking at the Ritz-Carlton Naples Golf Resort during an event hosted by the Ave Maria School of Law, Fox News President Roger Ailes took shots at his cable news rivals and attacked the health care legislation signed by President Obama. “It doesn’t seem constitutional to me to have the government tell you you have to buy something,” said Ailes. He told a reporter after the talk, “I don’t do politics, I do the news.” Nevertheless, when Ailes was asked how Republicans could win in November, he responded, “We have got to get back to the Constitution.” In a separate interview with a local Fox affiliate, Ailes defended Fox’s conservative content, saying, “We think we are fair and balanced. We think the others aren’t.” Watch it:

In his interview with the local Florida affiliate, Ailes also defended Fox over the recent scandal involving Sean Hannity and the Cincinnati Tea Party. “Sometimes mistakes happen,” said Ailes. “If they happen, you go on the air quickly, say this is what happened, this is what we did and keep moving. And that’s what we do.” According to a ThinkProgress review of his show’s transcripts, Hannity has yet to address on-air Fox’s decision to cancel his appearance at the Cincinnati Tea Party.