Democratic congressional candidate says his Indian-American opponent can’t win ‘with a name like that.’

suryaDavid Krikorian is a Democrat who is running for his party’s nomination and the right to take on Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) in Ohio’s 2nd congressional district. Krikorian’s challenger in the primary is an Indian-American businessman named Surya Yalamanchili, whose claim to fame is that he appeared on the TV show The Apprentice. In a speech made before a veterans group in Clermont County, Krikorian injected racial politics into the campaign:

“Now do you really think that a guy with a name like that has a chance of ever being elected?” Krikorian allegedly said to members of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Clermont County.

The Ohio Democratic Party and the Hamilton County Democratic Party, as well as Schmidt, have all rebuked Krikorian. Both the Democratic Party leaders say they “will be voting for Yalamanchili on Tuesday, just as they voted for someone else with an unusual name 18 months ago — President Barack Obama.”