Rep. Gohmert suggests Obama administration would condone attacks on TSA workers.

Yesterday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) took to the House floor to defend Israel’s reaction to the Turkish Gaza flotilla. During his speech, he compared Israelis to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers at airports and suggested that the Obama administration would condone an attack on them:

GOHMERT: It would be like after 9/11, people who would like to see this country wiped off the map — the United States, Ahmadinejad has made that clear that Israel is the little Satan and the U.S. is the big Satan, he wants to see us gone — but it would have been like a group of peace-loving people saying, “We are coming on to an airplane and we are not going to let you check us. We’re not going to go through your metal detectors. We are coming, and there’s lots of us. And by the way, we also have metal poles and knives, and we will shoot you too when you try to stop us. We are going to get on those planes, whether you want it or not, because we are going to style ourselves the free America. Flotilla. Airtilla. We’re going to be Airtilla the Hun.” … This is what is being done.

How would we react in America if people who decided to “peacefully” overwhelm security at our airports to get on an airplane — for benevolent causes — and they stab or beat security agents at our airports. We don’t put up with that. Well, I don’t know. Maybe this administration would.

Watch it:

Besides being offensive, Gohmert’s analogy doesn’t make much sense. The activists on the flotilla weren’t trying to be like Attila the Hun, who was notorious for his cruelty. Additionally, there are almost no similarities between post-9/11 America and the Gaza Strip, where there is a humanitarian crisis because of Israel’s blockade.