Poll: Most Ohio Voters Want Kasich’s Anti-Labor Law Repealed And Think His Budget Is Unfair

In late March, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) signed Senate Bill 5 — which dramatically reduced collective bargaining rights for most of the state’s public workers — into law. In a fundraising e-mail sent shortly after his signature, Kasich said that “union bosses” opposed the new law and provided the opposition to his agenda.

Yet a new poll released today from Quinnipac University finds that it’s not just labor leaders who oppose Kasich’s anti-labor law, or his budget proposal, which dramatically reduces social spending in the state. The poll finds that 54 percent of Ohio voters want the law repealed, and only 36 percent want to keep it. Meanwhile, 53 percent of respondents said the governor’s budget proposal is unfair:

Numerous groups are currently collecting petitions in Ohio to put SB 5 on the Ohio ballot in November. They need 231,000 signatures to get a referendum on the law.