Dear Ms. Fiorina, We Found Those Numbers You Were Looking For

Our guest blogger is Adam Jentleson, the Communications and Outreach Director for the Hyde Park Project at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Today on CNN, senior McCain advisor Carly Fiorina was asked to explain why McCain’s answer to these tough economic times is to double Bush’s tax cuts with another $300 billion in cuts that go mostly to the wealthiest Americans, and give ExxonMobil a $1.2 billion per-year tax cut.

Her response:

I don’t know where he gets those numbers. It was $300 billion, it was $1.2 billion. … I can’t make Barack Obama’s numbers add up.

Watch it:

Mystery solved! Those numbers come from our analyses, which document McCain’s hugely expensive and highly regressive tax proposal, and show that his tax plan amounts to a nearly $4 billion-a-year windfall for the top 5 oil companies in the U.S. – including $1.2 billion for ExxonMobil.

If today’s interview is a sign that Carly Fiorina has been willfully ignoring the facts about the tax plan she’s shilling for, here are some other numbers with which she may want to acquaint herself:

$175 billion: The amount of money that would go directly to corporations each year under McCain’s tax plan.

$12.7 trillion: The size the deficit will be after two terms of McCain’s fiscal policies.

$267 billion: The number of dollars in savings McCain still has to account for in order to pay for his massive, $300 billion tax cut.

Top 1%: The taxpayers who will get more than half of the benefits under McCain’s tax plan – more than they got under Bush’s.

So Ms. Fiorina, next time you need a citation in a pinch, remember that our Resource Library is just a click away.