McCain Clueless On Impact Of Gas-Tax Holiday

Today, during a town hall meeting in Fresno, California, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) advocated boosting funding for public transportation. Replying to a question about increasing fuel prices, McCain joked that public transportation was the only issue “we agree on.”

But the senator’s sudden embrace of public transportation contradicts his vocal support for the gas-tax holiday. In fact, according to the American Public Transportation Association, McCain’s proposal to suspend the gas-tax “runs counter to the public demand for more public transportation“:

The truth is that we need the federal gas tax to pay for the much needed highway and public transportation infrastructure. Do we really want our bridges to fall down? No. Do we want to see bus routes and train lines cut? No. Americans are used to their independence and want their transportation systems to not only be maintained, but improved and expanded.

McCain’s gas-tax proposal “would eliminate $1.4 billion of federal funding for public transportation and severely restrict the industry‚Äôs ability to add and improve transit services for a growing number of Americans.”

It seems that the gas tax holiday is just one more issue that “is not something” McCain has “understood as well” he should.