Holtz-Eakin on McCain’s Draconian Budget Cuts: ‘The Horrified Folks Better Get Ready’

dhe.JPGAt an event at the Tax Policy Center last Wednesday, McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin defended the draconian cuts to spending required to balance McCain’s budget and pay for his tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy by saying:

The reception among the Washington establishment has been one part disbelief — because, oh my god, no one actually does that in Washington (that’s not true they’ve just forgotten) — and one part horror that he might succeed. Well, the horrified folks better get ready.

Listen here:

The “Washington establishment” aren’t the only folks who are horrified by what would need to be a 40% cut in non-defense domestic spending. Here are some others:

340,000 kids who’d lose Head Start funding

2.1 million grade-school students who’d be effectively cut from Title 1 school funding

1.6 million aspiring college students who’d lose access to Pell Grants

3.4 million families who would lose WIC assistance for low-income women, infants, and children

Better get ready.