Actually, Yes, McCain Will Leave Michigan Workers ‘Out To Dry’ While Giving ‘Billions To Wall Street’

Today in Michigan, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said:

It’s great to be here today with the assembly workers of this GM plant. I’m here to send a message to Washington and Wall Street: We are not going to leave the workers here in Michigan hung out to dry while we give billions in taxpayer dollars to Wall Street.


John McCain’s Bush-style corporate tax cuts would give $6.3 billion every year to America’s largest banks and financial institutions, $45 billion to the Fortune 200, and almost nothing to over 100 million American families.

As for workers in Michigan, John McCain’s health care plan would raise taxes by $1,100 by 2013 for an average Michigan couple making $60,000.

In other words, McCain’s message to Washington and Wall Street is…more of the same.