Corporate Front Group Launches ‘News’ Site To Smear Employee Free Choice


Greg Sargent reported today that the Workforce Fairness Institute “has launched a new ‘news’ site that’s totally devoted to making the case against” the Employee Free Choice Act. The site, which looks strikingly similar to The Huffington Post, is dubbed “EFCA Wire: Inside the Battle Over the Employee FORCED Choice Act.”

As the Wonk Room has noted, the Workforce Fairness Institute is nothing more than a corporate front group “founded by several longtime Republican operatives,” and likely funded by anti-EFCA giants like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. In a recent interview with Fox News’ Glenn Beck, one of those operatives — long time Republican strategist Mark McKinnon — pushed the line that Employee Free Choice removes the secret-ballot option, which even the Wall Street Journal has begrudgingly admitted is false.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that EFCA Wire’s main purpose is to promote yet another lie. According to Sargent, the site will place “a particular emphasis on the damage [the Employee Free Choice Act] would allegedly do the economy.” But the Employee Free Choice Act would actually lead to higher wages, better benefits, and a more productive economy. According to estimates by the Economic Policy Institute, if 5 million service workers join unions:

– 5 million workers would get a 22 percent raise on average, or an additional $7,000 a year.

$34 billion in total new wages would flow into the economy.

900,000 jobs would be lifted above the poverty wage for a family of four.

– Between 1.8 million and 3 million dependent children would share in these benefits.

wire5.JPGAfter only one day, EFCA Wire’s blatant dishonesty is already apparent. One prominently placed link boasts, “The Hill: 74% Oppose EFCA.” Of course, The Hill merely reported on an anti-EFCA ad touting such skewed numbers.

In fact, the most recent Gallup polling reveals that 53 percent of Americans support a law to “make it easier for unions to organize workers” — which is exactly what the Employee Free Choice Act does.

Matt Finkelstein