Anti-EFCA Group Targeting Sen. Bayh Paid Karl Rove Co. $100K In Consulting Fees

In the last few days, the Economic Freedom Alliance (EFA) has created a website and placed billboards in Indiana pressuring Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) to vote against the Employee Free Choice Act. The EFA, which is composed of a variety of business organizations located in the Midwest, claims that its purpose is to make Congress “feel the pressure from our central message about the harmful effect that radical organized labor proposals in Congress will have on job creation in the Midwest”:

[T]he absence of a hard-hitting, district-focused campaign leaves a serious gap in that overall effort. EFA is not encumbered by the need for political correctness and hence its response can be better positioned to fill the critical messaging void in overall Card Check opposition campaign.

Evidently, EFA is also not encumbered by a need to adhere to the facts, as its website is claiming that the Employee Free Choice Act will “cost the U.S. economy 600,000 jobs in 2010,” which is a statistic taken from a thoroughly discredited study by business sponsored scholar Anne Layne-Farrar. As the Institute for Southern Studies put it, “even as a piece of business research-for-hire, Layne-Farrar’s study is shockingly weak — based on a thin set of old and irrelevant data that doesn’t even bear out her own conclusions.”

But EFA’s disclosure and expenditure form provides some insight into why it’s comfortable parading out false talking points. After all, the EFA has paid $100,000 in consulting fees to Karl Rove and Co this year.


This $20,000 fee was paid every month this year, February through June. And given Rove’s penchant for falsehoods, it’s no surprise that EFA has gone down the same road. EFA has also given $5000 to astroturf group Americans for Prosperity to “reimburse for event expense” (with Prosperity misspelled as “Properity” on the disclosure form).