CHARTS: The GOP’s ‘21st-Century’ Budget Slashes Investments In Education, Infrastructure And Science

The House yesterday approved — by a vote of 235 to 193 — House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) radical budget. Most of the attention paid to Ryan’s budget has, deservedly, focused upon its proposals to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid, slash the social safety net, and raise middle taxes (while ignoring the bloated Department of Defense and cutting taxes for the rich).

But the plan also includes substantial cuts in important investments in education (cut by 53 percent), transportation infrastructure (cut by 37 percent) and scientific research (cut by 28 percent):

As CAP economist Adam Hersh and research associate Sarah Ayres wrote, “in total, the Ryan-Republican budget proposal would strip more than $1.4 trillion from public investments in education, infrastructure, and science and technology that create a foundation to support private investments…By disinvesting in the sources of productivity and competitiveness to pay for tax cuts for the rich, the Ryan-Republican budget plan puts little value on America’s economic future.”

Today, Ryan wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that the GOP’s budget has been crafted “to meet 21st-century needs.” Evidently Ryan and the House Republicans don’t believe that the 21st century will require adequately funded schools, roads, or scientific research.