Now Hiring: Walmart Seeks Spanish-Speaking Labor Buster To Maintain A ‘Union-Free Workplace’

As of April 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stands at around 9 percent, as millions of Americans are seeking work in any position they can find.

One company that is hiring is Walmart, “one of the largest private employers in the U.S.” The company recently posted a job listing online for a director of “Labor Relations.” The job description requires helping the company’s human resources department maintain a “union-free” workplace. Under “Additional Preferred Qualifications,” the company seeks fluency in Spanish:

Walmart is a company notorious for breaking up labor unions and has taken swift action to prevent its workers from organizing. In 2000, “when a small meatcutting department successfully organized a union at a Walmart store in Texas, Wal-Mart responded a week later by announcing the phase-out of its meatcutting departments entirely.” When a branch in Quebec, Canada, voted to unionize, the company immediately shut down the store.