Did Kasich Use Bogus Budget Number To Justify Drastic Cuts?

Ohio’s increasingly unpopular Gov. John Kasich (R) rode into office on the $8 billion dollar deficit horse and slash-and-burned his way through education, children’s health, public employee pensions, and other programs to rein in the budget. Now, it appears that Kasich’s whole raison d’être may be based on fiction. According to ProgressOhio, the deficit “is actually turning out to be about $5.9 billion to $6.1 billion” — a number on which Kasich’s own budget director “conceptually agree[s].” As the Youngstown Vindicator notes, Republicans are “delivering pain and suffering because of their projected deficit” but if their number isn’t accurate, “it means there could be more money available for necessary services that are now at risk.”