In Video And Campaign Speech, Romney Touts Manufacturing Plant That Received More Than $200,000 In Stimulus Funds

GOP 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been basing his campaign on his supposed economic bona fides, falsely stating that the Obama administration has made the economy “worse.” Romney particularly highlights his supposed history as a job creator. “I know what it takes to create jobs,” he says. “I’ll do everything in my power to create more jobs for Americans.”

Romney took his roadshow to Ohio yesterday. He spoke a manufacturing plant run by Screen Machine Industries Inc., where he , according to the Columbus Dispatch, “focused his remarks on jobs and the economy.” Bernard Cohen, the owner of Screen Machine Industries, joined the pile-on against President Obama, saying, “I think Obama doesn’t understand business and he’s hurting us.” Romney also featured Screen Machine Industries prominently in a web video that he released yesterday:

However, neither Romney nor Cohen ever pointed out that Screen Machine Industries has received substantial support from the 2009 Recovery Act (i.e. the stimulus). In fact, the company received four different stimulus contracts from the Department of Veterans Affairs, totaling more than $218,000:

Romney, of course, has slammed the “failed stimulus package,” saying it was akin to “putting a cup of gasoline on a fire.” Cohen said that he doesn’t recall receiving stimulus money.

This isn’t the first time Romney has chosen his venue for a campaign speech poorly. Back in June, he gave a speech at a bank that had received TARP funds, despite deriding TARP as a “slush fund.”