America’s Mayors Call On Congress To Refocus On Job Creation

The nation's mayors want jobs for their constituents

As ThinkProgress previously reported, a handful of right-wing front groups and the major media have successfully turned our the focus of our political leaders from job creation to deficit reduction. In a series of interviews with ThinkProgress, a number of mayors of major American cities — as a part of a push by the U.S. Conference of Mayors — called on Congress to refocus itself on creating jobs and growing the economy.

Laredo, Texas mayor Raul G. Salinas (D) told ThinkProgress that we need the twelve-member committee formed out of the debt ceiling deal to “absolutely” create jobs and that it’s “time to put people back to work, man. That’s the bottom line”:

In another interview with ThinkProgress, Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker (D) echoed similar remarks, also calling for Congress to immediately pivot to job creation. Becker said that Congress has spent a “tremendous amount of time” on the debt limit and that mayors have been left to feel “the pain” of the unemployed:

Washington, D.C. mayor Vince Gray (D) lamented that there has been no “emphasis on job creation.” He asked that Congress focus on discussion “of what is going to get America back to work”:

Congress should heed the call of these local leaders and assist them in growing the economy and getting Americans jobs.