Rick Perry’s Jobs Plan: ‘Free’ The ‘Wall Street Investor’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) knows that Americans will refuse to go to work until the subjugation of Wall Street comes to an end, and he wants to be the one leading that march to freedom and economic prosperity. Speaking with conservative talker Sean Hannity this afternoon, Perry said “Americans will go to work tomorrow” if we only “free” the “Wall Street investor” and entrepreneurs:

PERRY: People are scared about the future of this country and and they want a leader that understand that all answers don’t come out of Washington, D.C. and a matter of fact that’s the problem right now of over-taxation, over-litigation, over-regulation, and they want to be freed from that. Our country — you free the entrepreneur, the small business man and woman, or for that matter the Wall Street investor, from the over-regulation and the over-taxation and Americans will go to work tomorrow. But they’re afraid right now.

Listen here:

Perhaps Perry has forgotten about the last time we “free[d]” Wall Street investors by removing regulations — they collapsed the world’s economy. Over-taxation is clearly not a scourge for Wall Street investors like hedge fund guru John Paulson, who makes more in an hour than most Americans make in their entire lifetimes yet pays a lower tax rate.

Perhaps Perry is simply trying to play catch-up with rival Mitt Romney, after Reuters reported last week that Perry’s brash style risks turning off the “Northeastern button-down country club Wall Street” donors critical to any run for the presidency. Romney, being a former Wall Street man himself, is ahead there, after touting his belief that “corporations are people” too.