Over The Last Decade, Poverty Rose In 32 States

Census data this week showed that a record number of Americans — 46.2 million — were living in poverty in 2010. Nearly half of those families living below the poverty line were living in deep poverty. And as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities noted, in some states poverty has been increasing for a long time. In fact, 32 states saw a statistically significant rise in poverty over the last decade.

CBPP’s Erica Williams noted that “In some states, the poverty rate rose at an especially rapid pace. In Indiana, poverty rose nearly 9 percentage points to reach 16.2 percent. The other three states with the biggest percentage-point increases in poverty — Arizona, Georgia, and Mississippi — ended the decade with poverty rates of 19.9 percent, 18.5 percent, and 22.9 percent, respectively.”