From Boston To Wichita To Denver: Thousands Around The Country Join The 99 Percent Movement

Over 1,000 activists gathered in Lower Manhattan on Sept. 17th for the “Occupy Wall Street” protest of a political and financial system that rewards the richest 1 percent at the expense of the other 99 percent. Since then, the protest has grown substantially with hundreads of people camped out every night in Zuccotti Park even in the face of police crackdowns.

Inspired by the activists in New York City, protests have sprung up in cities from Boston to Wichita to Denver, where thousands have gathered to join the 99 Percent Movement. Here’s a look at some of the protests that have happened so far:

Los Angeles: Almost 200 have gathered on the north lawn of the Los Angeles City Hall.

Chicago: Nearing their second week of action, the crowd of over 100 continues to grow. “99 percent of this country is disenfranchised and not being heard,” said protester Evelyn DeHais, “that is irresponsible and awful, but it can be changed and we can change it.”

Louisville: About 200 gathered for the inaugural action.

Wichita: Between 100 and 300 people showed up to the first action on Sunday. “We’re here to stand in solidarity together,” said protester Don Landis, a Vietnam veteran.

Hartford: Close to 100 people attended the first protest on Wednesday in Hartford’s Bushnell Park.

Anchorage: More than 65 people gathered in Anchorage on Wednesday. “Homelessness. Foreclosures, robo-signing of foreclosures,” said protester Brian MacMillan. “Child poverty or child hunger. The unemployment rate, one in 10 in America without a job. Jeez, what isn’t there to protest?”

Charlotte: Local protesters are planning a march on the local offices of Bank of America this Saturday. “I think we’ve got a growing movement,” said a local organizer, Tracey Myhalyk.

Lexington: Since it began on Thursday at least 100 people have gathered every day in Lexington, Kentucky.

Boston: An estimated 3,000 took the streets on Friday to kick off the Boston protest, with a core of 150 staying indefinitely in Boston’s Dewey Square Park. “This is your future at stake,” protester and Iraq War veteran Ryan Cahill said. “It’s not going to fix itself. I think that’s pretty clear.”

Seattle: A crowd of more than 200 protesters gathered in Seattle’s Westlake Park.

Philadelphia: At a standing-room-only planning meeting on Tuseday almost 1,000 activists packed into Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia. The meeting decided to kick off the protest outside of the Philadelphia City Hall on Tuesday morning.

Denver: More than 50 protesters marched in downtown Denver on Saturday. One protesters’ sign read, “they only call it class war when we fight back.”

Iowa City: About 100 locals met Wednseday night in Iowa City to plan a local protest. The group decided to begin the protest on Friday.

Miami: On Saturday between 100 and 200 protesters met at Bayfront Park in Miami.

Portland: An estimated 100 protesters braved the rain on Saturday to rally in Portland, Maine. “This underscores what’s valuable in a democratic society: At some point, the people need to stand up and say, ‘That’s enough.’” protester Matth Mitchell commented.

Dozens more protests are planned for the coming days. Make sure to check out all of ThinkProgress’s ongoing coverage of the 99 Percent Movement here.

Karl Singer